Motorcycle ‘circuit riders’ are sharing the Gospel in Africa

By January 19, 2009

Africa (MNN) — In Sub-Saharan Africa there are 13 million AIDS orphans. Today, Teen Missions International is working with some of them through AIDS Orphan Rescue Units. Those units address their physical needs, but what about their spiritual needs?

Founder and President of Teen Missions International Bob Bland says help for the orphans' spiritual needs is lacking. In response, a creative solution was proposed. "The idea was to have Sunday schools  conducted by a motorcycle circuit. There is just a path to get to a lot of these places, but you can get there on a motorcycle," says Bland.

In addition to the Sunday schools, Teen Missions is also providing teacher training to help duplicate the ministry, along with literacy classes. Bland says, "We're amazed at how many adults are attending. Even a chief is coming."

Despite being a brand new program, "We now have three circuits operating — two in Zambia and one in Malawi," says Bland. "Each circuit is six Sunday schools, so that's 18 Sunday schools. Plus, we have another partial circuit of three. So, we have 21, and we just received funding for another circuit."

Bland says it's difficult to keep up with the demand. That's where you come into the picture. Your Sunday school class can adopt a "circuit riding" team. "It doesn't take a lot of money: $79 will provide the literature and fund two people who will run the Sunday schools." You can even name the Sunday School!

Bland says this type of ministry isn't very controversial, even in denominational settings. "Sunday schools are non-threatening, so you can teach the Word and lead people to Christ."

While Teen Missions needs sponsors, they also need people to go and ride along side these teachers. "This summer, we need 40 people to go on motorcycles. If someone doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle, we will train them."

If you'd like sponsor a circuit riding team, or would like to join the team this summer, click here.

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