Moving forward in faith to build a school

By June 10, 2014

Guatemala (MNN) — When a government school isn’t enough to educate the amount of children in an area, it takes a strong community to pull together and address the need.

When that community is Chuixchimal in Guatemala, the effort must absolutely coincide with God’s help.

This community, made up of mostly Mayan, is located in the highlands of Guatemala.

Esmirna school in Chuixchimal, Guatemala (Photo courtesy of Worldwide Christian Schools)

Esmirna school in Chuixchimal, Guatemala
(Photo courtesy of Worldwide Christian Schools)

Scott Vander Kooy of Worldwide Christian Schools explains that this community is one area where they’re working to minister to people seeking to share about Christ with their community.

He says, “There are so many children in this community that the Government’s school can’t accommodate them all. So a couple of years ago, the community of Chuixchimal began in faith to crush river stones into gravel so that they could build a Christ-centered school that could accommodate these kids.”

The desire to build a Christ-centered school to meet educational needs was a result of what was already occurring in the community.

Vander Kooy explains that “there’s a real spiritual movement within this community, and I think that the community just recognized that a school built around the principles of Christ and His creation could really help propel the children and shape the future of that beautiful community.”

So far, the school has one out of nine stages completed: one wing is built and being used. But there are still many children that need to be accommodated.

Worldwide Christian Schools has helped the community build the footings for the second stage and hopes to have them filled with cement before the rainy season begins.

They are now praying for the money to pay for that cement.

Vander Kooy says, “These people are amazing because, you know, there are a lot of organizations in the developing world that wait for money from the West or from the developed world before they do anything. Not these folks. They just move ahead in faith, and they don’t depend on anyone else.”

It isn’t that they’re moving forward rashly. “There is a plan, [and] they’re moving ahead on the plan. But anything they can do themselves? They’re doing it.”

The Chuixchimal people are thankful for their resources, recognizing where these resources come from.

“Even though they move ahead in faith, they certainly are very prayerful and prudent when it comes to partnerships and being good stewards of the resources God has given them,” Vander Kooy says.

As the project goes now, Vander Kooy is fully aware that the completion date may be half a decade or more into the future. This reality doesn’t dim his excitement, however.

“Lots of times, God has a way of surprising us,” he says. “And that’s certainly happened in many other projects that we’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened with this project as well.”

As with all of Worldwide Christian School projects and partner projects, the schools are designed to work as a hub for surrounding communities: a place where people come to get in touch with the Gospel and depart to minister to their neighbors.

In an underserved place like Chuixchimal, this can mean great opportunities for the future.

“They’re being designed and built to serve a purpose that extends far beyond even the borders of that local community,” VanderKooy says.

You can help them finish this project quicker, or at least get the cement poured before the rainy season. Click here to find out how.

Continue to pray for a positive impact on the community.

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