Much-needed prison ministry opens in Nigeria

By April 6, 2010

Nigeria (MNN) — Conditions for Nigerian prisoners are unjust at best. Amnesty International findings show an estimated 65 percent of prisoners have not yet been convicted of a crime. Regardless of their known guilt, inmates live with little food and occasional torture.

The judicial system itself is abysmal. Case files are lost, lawyers are seldom acquired, and those awaiting trial may wait years. It seems the state of anyone in the Nigerian prison system can only be described as hopeless.

Crossroad Bible Institute recognized the hopeless situation that Nigerian prisoners face and recently decided it was time something was done about it. CBI has been infiltrating prisons with the Word of God since 1984 and has now made Nigeria home to its tenth distribution center worldwide.

CBI is now distributing Bible studies to Nigerian inmates, providing them with the truth about Christ's love, even when the rest of the world seems to have forgotten them. Already, many have responded positively, unable to believe that a ministry would spend their money on a group of people that most continue to ignore.

CBI distributes Bible studies to students, who them complete the studies and send in for more. All the time, they are learning the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Countless lives have been changed by this program; pray that God would change countless more in Nigeria through the study of His Word.

To learn more about Crossroad Bible Institute, click here.

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  • Ime Etang says:


    I live in Nigeria- Abuja City, with recent personal prayers, it dropped in my heart that I have this passion for prison ministry

    I will like to know what it takes to get involved with CBI in Nigeria

    Appreciate a feedback

    With regards

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