Much-needed wells are drilled

By December 24, 2012

India (MNN) — There are only two seasons that matter in India: wet season and dry season. During the wet season, access to water is never a problem. But in the dry season, everyone lives in constant fear that the water might completely dry up.

Communities are dependent on wells because there is no central water system for the country. Without a working well, people are forced to walk long distances for water, or move to another community to find water.

The Dalit, or Untouchables–considered the very lowest of the low castes–have even less access to water. They must find other sources of drinking water, such as rivers and streams, which means a greater exposure to diseases like typhoid.

Christians are also ostracized from the village society and are not permitted to use government wells. Since Christians in this part of India are seen as a low caste, they are not allowed to access the wells designated for high caste people.

They are often forced to walk great distances to get to the nearest water source, which may be a pond contaminated by animals and human waste.

Amrit Chandrakar, an Indian pastor in a state in northern India, wanted to dig wells in areas of great need. But he wanted a place where everyone could come for water, no matter their caste or religious background.

Through Baptist Global Response and BGR partner Dwight Mabury, Chandrakar was able to fund the project. Wells were drilled for 17 communities in a state in northern India.

In one village, the people were skeptical, saying that water would not be found because the land is dry. Before drilling, Chandrakar prayed and asked God to give them water. Some still remained skeptical, saying the government had already tried to drill and it would be a waste of money.

"My Jesus will give water. He is the one who gave water from the rock," Chandrakar said to the villagers.

Suddenly, water gushed out. People were amazed and believed what Chandrakar had been telling them about God and His love.

Pray that these new believers will continue to grow in their faith. Ask God to continue to provide water for the people. Pray for more opportunities to provide water for people in need.

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