Multi-taskers keeping up with growth in India.

By September 5, 2013

India (ASM/MNN) – Talk about multi-tasking.

(Photo courtesy World Cassette Outreach/ASM)

(Photo courtesy World Cassette Outreach/ASM)

World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI), a partner of Audio Scripture Ministries, is rebuilding its headquarters atop of the old building, reconstructing as they go, while at the same time growing and exploring new partnership opportunities.

As of this writing, the outside skeleton is complete and workers are now laying bricks and plastering the walls. The new construction will allow the ministry the room it needs to grow. The old building flooded regularly and was too cramped to accommodate more outreach.

(Photo courtesy ASM)

(Photo courtesy ASM)

They’re still recording, despite the dust of construction. In fact, they’re asking for prayer as the Kukna New Testament recording is in progress at the studio.

For more than three decades, WCOI has been distributing Audio Bibles in many tribal languages. They work hand in hand with Bible translators to reach the 60% of India that are functionally non-literate by helping provide them with Audio Scriptures that are recorded in their Heart Language.

To keep that going, WCOI launched the “Sponsor a Bible” program. It is a way of being involved in giving out a Bible to a needy family in a remote village or city. As little as $1.50, in combination with other gifts can go a long way toward helping God’s Word get into people’s hands.

In other words, this digital Bible will be a missionary that you will send directly into their homes. It does not take much but it sure can touch and heal many lives. Nothing speaks more powerful than God’s true word.

Even as that has been ongoing, there have been new forays on the field. A team from ASM, along with a team from WCOI, is spending time this month with pastors in Nepal exploring partnership opportunities.

Please pray with them for new outreach opportunities and for smooth delivery in the upcoming distributions. Check our Featured Links section for a direct connection to WCOI.

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