Multipurpose radios bring Gospel to Africa

By February 8, 2010

Africa (MNN) — It's not easy to listen to a radio or charge a cell phone without electricity. With modern technology, however, this is no longer an obstacle.

"It's been possible through the support of a number of people and churches to distribute in the last several months over a thousand windup radios to people who live in places where electricity is generally unavailable," says Lee DeYoung of Words of Hope.

These windup radios not only provide Words of Hope's regular programs to people all across Africa, but they now maintain the capability to charge cell phones. This is a significant help, since many have cell phones but do not have electricity. Radio recipients are then able to save the money it costs to get their phones charged. Of course, this likely piques even greater interest in listening to the radio as well.

Most importantly, those that have a radio are able to hear the message of the Gospel.

"[The radios make] it possible for more and more to hear the Gospel on a regular basis, and many of these invite others to listen," says DeYoung. "So it really becomes a focal point for group listening and to extend the Gospel. We're grateful for this technology which, relatively inexpensively, makes it possible for people who are among the neediest to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day."

If you would like to bring the message of Christ through Words of Hope broadcasts in Africa, click here.

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