Mumbai blasts strike a chord of anger, fear

By July 18, 2011

India (MNN)
— India's government is promising justice for the victims of last week's triple
bomb attacks in Mumbai.

spokesman Pat Ragan says early indications were that the attacks
were a message.  "The newspaper says that
on the 13th of July, it was the birthday of a Mr. Kasab who was a
terrorist and part of the gang attacked the hotel Taj, in Mumbai, two years
ago, so there's some history there. They said, ‘This attack is the birthday gift
to Mr. Kasab who is in Mumbai jail now.'"

 questioned members of a home-grown
Islamist militant group, although no one has claimed actual responsibility for
Wednesday's assault–the deadliest since 2008 when Pakistani extremists struck
the same region.  

Each terror
strike on Mumbai raises fresh international concerns about security in India. AMG partners were not directly affected, but AMG India country director Arun Kumar
Mohanty wrote that "police have put
many security forces in all the important places, and they've announced ‘high
alert' in all the cities of Andhra Pradesh."

Ragan says
the concern has radiated out from Maharashtra State. "In Andhra Pradesh [State], which is where
our ministry is located, the government has taken many steps to find out about
the terrorist. They're checking all the important places like hotels,
theaters, shopping malls, and the bus shelters. They're checking all the
vehicles, so security definitely has heightened there."

police presence, however, has done little to alleviate fears. The July 13 attack is the ninth major attack
on India in 20 years. Anyone can advise
people to be cautious during instability, says Ragan, but he notes Mohanty's approach:
"'Everyone should think that we should
be reigned by God or under His authority in our lives. And we have to be in the
hands of God for our safety and
security,'" Ragan quotes Mohanty as saying. "I appreciate his viewpoint, particularly that there's also a
responsibility for the change of the terrorists' mind and their views."

Therein lies
a solution that would address the discontent that fuels malcontent. The hope of the Gospel changes the heart. Ragan
says, "God is using AMG India to really transform the culture there in Andhra

professional impact of AMG India's ministry on the nation is felt through the
many thousands who receive vocational training in the care of Christian
instructors. Armed with marketable skills and Christian values, they shine the
light of Christ through their lives as professionals and business owners.

Ragan explains
that through their teams, "We touch, it's estimated, 100,000 lives a month in
India through shelters, reaching the elderly, the young, the impoverished, and the
sick. And we also work through newspaper evangelism and radio. We have church-planting going on and
evangelism in villages."

Mumbai searches for the culprits, people don't feel that anyone is in
control. The message of the Gospel
changes that. "It's not just safety and
security for the population, but also our heart needs to go out to the
terrorists themselves, that God would change their hearts." Keep praying for wisdom for the team as they
continue working in increasingly dangerous times. Pray for opportunities and open hearts.

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