Murderer comes to Christ in northern Mexico

By December 4, 2019

Mexico (MNN) — This week, security forces remain in Villa Union, a small town roughly 35 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The death toll now stands at 23 following Saturday’s cartel attack and subsequent gun battles with Mexican security forces.

Mexico’s murder rate is up two-percent this year, and that’s on top of a 15-percent spike during 2018. Violence may be the status quo, but God’s Spirit is still working in Mexico.

Executive Director Jason Woolford says one man came to the Lord in a parking lot outside a recent Mission Cry meeting.

From murder to mercy

Last month, we asked you to pray for Woolford and his team as they headed to Sonora, Mexico, for evangelistic meetings and partner support. During the trip, this Mission Cry team worked with local partners to distribute more than 75,000 Spanish Bibles and Christian resources.

(Photo courtesy Jason Woolford/Mission Cry)

Additionally, over 1,500 people attended Mission Cry’s evangelistic meetings, and 100 gave their lives to the Lord. As Woolford walked to his car after one of these events, an unexpected visitor approached him in the parking lot.

“He came up to me and he said, ‘Listen, I was behind the stage there drinking Heinekens at this club and I heard you talking [at the evangelistic meeting],” Woolford says.

“‘I spent 10 years in Pelican Bay [because] I killed two people… I don’t know why I do bad when I want to do right’.”

The man sobbed as Woolford offered a comforting embrace. “When he got done, I led him in the plan of salvation,” Woolford says.

“He gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. We gave him a free Mission Cry Bible and got him introduced to a pastor there.”

Answered prayers

(Photo courtesy Jason Woolford/Mission Cry)

Sometimes, believers see God answer their prayers in tangible ways. However, it’s more often the case that prayers seemingly go unanswered. Woolford says this man’s story is an encouraging report to all who prayed for the recent trip.

“Those that had been praying…this is a part of your fruit. I didn’t do it. We did it as a missions team, those that are listening and praying and believing for a miracle.”

Learn more about Mission Cry’s work here.

“Just this year, we sent nearly $11 million worth of free Bibles and Christian books to 18 different nations around the world,” Woolford says.

“God is up to something and [it’s important] that… we can prepare people for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.”



Header image is a creative representation of the drug war in Mexico. Graphic obtained via Wikimedia Commons.

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