Music may help save children in Uganda

By August 31, 2012

USA (MNN) — Who would have thought that music in the United States would help cure a child in need in Uganda? Well, that's kind of what's happening with the Music with a Mission Tour set to beginning September 28 in West Virginia.

CURE International reports that their ministry is this year's featured cause on the tour featuring Family Force 5, Disciple, Icon for Hire, and others.

Each night of the tour, CURE will be working to save the life of at least one child afflicted with hydrocephalus who is receiving care at CURE's hospital in Uganda.

Hydrocephalus is a deadly brain condition that affects nearly 400,000 newborns each year globally. Over 310,000 of these children will be born in the developing world with limited or no access to the critical lifesaving care the condition requires.

CURE's hospital in Uganda will save the lives of nearly 1,000 of these children this year alone.

Each night of the Music With A Mission Tour, video footage from the CURE hospital of a child afflicted with hydrocephalus and their family will be showcased. The footage will embrace where the family comes from, what they thought would happen to their child because of the condition, and how the care and compassion they've experienced at CURE has impacted their lives.

The tour is traveling across the country with 25 concerts. As you attend, you'll not only help save a child physically, but also allow their entire family to hear about Christ.

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