Musician and radio producer dies at 63

By August 11, 2009

Ecuador (MNN) — Longtime Ecuadorian musician and radio producer, Jorge Zambrano, died at age 63 on July 23 after a struggle with

While HCJB Global will miss this 35-year veteran of their
ministry, they celebrate his life and the impact he had on their ministries
over the years.

According to HCJB's Web site, Curt Cole, one of HCJB's international ministries vice presidents,
described Zambrano as "a gifted musician and radio man who produced one of HCJB's
longest-running radio programs, ‘Musica del Ecuador' (Music of Ecuador). For years listeners rated
that program as one of the top international shortwave programs."

Zambrano was born on January 3, 1946 in Ambato, Ecuador. At
18, he traveled to the U.S. to become a guitar player, and in May 1965
accepted Christ as his Savior.

Following his decision, he attended Miami Christian College,
completing his Bachelors of Science in communication in 1972. He then continued
his education at Wheaton Graduate School receiving a master's degree in
communication in 1980. He also received a
doctorate in ministry at Master's Divinity School in Newburgh, Indiana.

Since childhood, Zambrano knew of HCJB's radio and served as a
summer missionary with them in 1971 in Quito, Ecuador. Several years later, he
and his wife became missionaries for HCJB in Ecuador. His first 12 years in
ministry were spent in television.

After this, "He applied his excellent skills as a musician
and bilingual speaker in the radio ministry, producing programs in both English
and Spanish that aired worldwide via shortwave on Radio Station HCJB," according to the HCBJ Web site. During this time, he produced Latin American Christian,
Ecuadorian and Quechua Indian music.

"Jorge demonstrated a passion to serve the Lord through his
music and testimony," said HCJB Global-Canada Director Ian Leaver, according to

Former HCJB Global President Ron Cline also said, "He taught
us all to love his country and the Lord!"

And the current HCJB president, Wayne Pederson, celebrated
Zambrano's "wonderful legacy of music with HCJB Global."

In addition to his program on Radio Station HCJB, Zambrano
also "taught in HCJB Global's Christian Center of Communications and managed
the station's multi-track audio facilities," according to HCJB.

He also served as a Sunday school teacher, preacher,
counselor and musician at his Ecuadorian Quichua church in Quito.

A memorial service was held on July 25 on Newtown Square,
Pennsylvania, and an additional service will be held on August 22 in Quito, Ecuador.

To learn more about the ministries of HCJB Global, visit their Web site.

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