Muslim community shocked by pastor’s response to car accident

By September 25, 2012

Tajikistan (MNN) — Over the weekend, the Slavic Gospel Association reported a serious accident that turned into an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Tajik church leaders said a parked vehicle belonging to SGA missionaries was slammed by another vehicle moving at high speeds. The accident happened just as Pastor Boimakhmad, "Boi" for short, and his children were getting out of the car. Boi and two of his daughters were reportedly knocked out and suffered broken bones, as well as severe bruising. The children who remained in the vehicle also received bruises.

SGA said Boi's neighbors were angered over the incident. The pastor and his family are the only Christians in a predominately-Muslim village, and they shocked their neighbors by not pressing charges against the other driver. Instead, they became a living example of the Gospel by forgiving and praying for the young man who hit them.

SGA also reported that the condition of Boi and his two injured children is improving, but they'll need further treatment and rehabilitation. Pray for their speedy recovery.

Pray that many come to Christ through this accident.

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