Muslim ministry education thrives overseas

By May 6, 2010

USA (MNN) — A ministry desires to help Christians like you have the tools you need to befriend Muslims with the hope of being able to talk about Jesus. The program is called "Encountering the World of Islam." It's actually a book and a 12-week course. However, this course isn't just happening in the United States.

Pioneers is using this resources around the world. "David" is a Pioneer Missionary implementing EWI. He says the need for this program is great. "Christians don't understand Muslims. There's fear. There are prejudices. And, Muslims also don't understand Christians. There's a big barrier."

David says the program is being used around the world. "I'm involved in the former Soviet Union nations — in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova and some of the surrounding areas around there. But the course has also been held in the Philippines and Nigeria, mainland China and also Korea."

The course also gives the students "much more confidence to see that God can use them in reaching out to Muslims, whether it's their neighbor or whether it's cross-cultural in other areas," says David.

While Pioneers wants to expand, David says they're not consciously doing that. "We're really moving in an area of being invited. We're not really going into areas without having contacts and knowing if there's a particular interest or need. We do work with local churches or organizations. We don't just go into an area on our own."

While the book has been translated into Mandarin and Korean, David hopes the book will be translated into Spanish "because we know there's a lot of interest in Spanish-speaking countries to work with Muslims overseas."

While suicide bombings, kidnappings and other terrorist violence is on the increase, David says providing this kind of resource "falls into the category of 'Jesus is the only answer' for this kind of situation. I don't know if it will end terrorism, but many terrorists have come to know Jesus, and changed lives are what it's all about."

If you'd like more information about "Encounter the World of Islam" from Pioneers, click here.

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