Muslim ministry grows in Africa

By March 25, 2008

North Africa (MNN) — With governments in North Africa becoming concerned about Islamic Fundamentalists, Christians are experiencing more freedoms.

Greater Europe Mission recently held a brainstorming session to discuss ways to reach Muslims. It was decided to send American Christian professors to private schools in North Africa to train their professors in new teaching methods. This may open doors to even more opportunities.

Greater Europe Mission has begun long-term work with Muslims. This summer, a missionary couple will go to the region to teach at a school for the deaf, using this as their base for ministry. 

In some countries with 10-30 million people, there are between 250 and 800 believers.  According to GEM, that's a growing number of people following Christ in the North Africa. Their hope is to see house churches multiply.

The story of Muslims coming to Christ is often a long one. A man we'll call "Kamil" struggled between his Muslim background and his new knowledge
of Jesus for a year. He heard about Jesus from a man on the street; he learned more from an Arabic television station. Finally, he decided to meet with a man he knew had converted from Islam to Christianity.

As a result of that meeting, Kamil learned much more about Christ, but he still was not convinced. A year later, he had a vivid dream in which he saw Jesus. From that time, he knew he wanted to follow Him. 

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