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Download Free Country Coloring Pages from Our Partner, SAT-7

Muslims hope for peace during Ramadan

By September 4, 2008

International (MNN) — During the
month of  Ramadan, Muslims ask
forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance into the future, and try to purify

The fast is supposed to help
redirect the heart away from worldly activities, cleanse the inner soul and
free it from harm. 

Properly observing the fast is
supposed to induce a comfortable feeling of peace and calm. The daily fast is
broken at sundown with a large feast. 

That's the religious side of
Ramadan. For the nominal Muslim
population in the Middle East, the ritual fast and celebrations have lost some
of their significance and have become more a time for family gatherings.

David Harder, Communications Manager with SAT-7, says when
they break their fast together and sit down for a huge meal, they also watch
television together. "All the
satellite channels that are focused on the Middle East put their best shows on,
trying to capture this huge audience."

Local TV channels also know that
violent and controversial films can help, says Harder. But it's also an opportune time to share a distinctly
different message. "Right now, what we at SAT-7 are doing is also trying to
capture some of the audience with some of our programs to help people find out
more about Jesus and also about the peace that they can have through knowing

SAT-7's new "Peace Amidst
Violence" campaign uses its programming to address the issue of violence,
challenging viewers to think about Christ and how they can respond to violence
around them.

Throughout the rest of this year,
SAT-7 will be broadcasting a number of promotional spots and special programs
that will help viewers consider how they can build communities of peace.

"People can be praying that
those who are seeking to know the true God will experience Him. We're
hoping at SAT-7, both for new Christians and for those who may be seeking, that
they'll really come to know the true and living God during this time."

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