Muslims in Bangladesh threaten/abuse Christians

By July 3, 2007

Bangladesh (MNN) — Compass Direct reports that Muslims savagely beat 10 Christian converts in Northern Bangladesh's Nilphamari district and attempted to kick them out of the village on June 26. 

The mob told them to leave, threatening more beatings along with home burnings. Muslim extremists also threatened to kill two Christians. Several victims required hospital treatment, and one house was destroyed in the attack.

Police rejected the Christians' attempt to file a complaint, instead threatening to arrest them for "converting Muslims." The attack came after a baptism at a local river, weeks earlier. 

Within days, authorities at the mosque banned Christians from using the village's only source of potable water. As a result, the Christians have since resorted to carrying water from a river nearly a half mile from their homes.  

As the ultimatum deadline to vacate the village expired, a human rights advocate noted, "We have applied to the district commissioner, to no avail. It seems the extremists have strong links with local government." 

According to the advocate, despite the dire circumstances facing them, the Christians in this area are showing resilience. "Incredibly, in spite of this pressure, they have not denied their faith." Please pray that they'll maintain their testimony. 

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