Muslims purchase Arabic New Testaments

By March 20, 2008

Egypt (MNN) — Many Muslims purchased Easy-to-Read Arabic New Testaments at the International Book Fair in Cairo, Egypt this month.

The book fair in Cairo is one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East. It was first held in 1969 as a place where exhibitors, authors, buyers and publishers could come to learn about new titles being published with a focus on the Arabic language.

During this year's event, World Bible Translation Center missionaries were talking to people who asked them about the Bible and Jesus. 

According to police reports, their willingness to share the Gospel resulted in the arrest of one of their team members. He was jailed but later released. The team said the situation reminded them of the experience the Apostles had in Acts 5 when they were arrested for teaching the

WBTC asks that Christians pray for Muslims who purchased a copy of the Arabic New Testament.  Pray that they will diligently read it and that they will come to a saving faith in Christ. 

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