My Mission Adventure encourages kids to live mission

By August 24, 2011

International (MNN) — Christian kids across the Former Soviet Union face persecution for their faith on a daily basis, yet they are ready to proclaim Christ's Name. Many children in the Western world, however, are unprepared to give a defense.

Slavic Gospel Association just finished up the second part of a series called "My Mission Adventure." Many churches pair the program with Sunday school classes or Vacation Bible Schools, and this summer it was met with enormous success. Kids can hardly wait for the next segment.

SGA's Eric Mock explains the program: "My Mission Adventure is the first part of a three-part series (there are five parts to it–ultimately there will be 15 parts). We are sending a free kit to churches that they can use to equip their young kids with the resources they need and the understanding to live life on mission, either in their school or in their family."

Mock adds, "My Mission Adventure not only encourages kids to live their life ready to defend what they believe (1 Peter 3:15), but also to stand with those in other parts of the world that are doing the same."

Children are taught through object lessons, video, and more, about living life on mission. They hear testimonies about orphan children coming to Christ and about the hardships other believing children face for their faith in the Former Soviet Union.

Kids are challenged to ask themselves if they are really living their life for Christ, or simply playing the Christian role on Sundays.

It's a lot for a child to consider, but SGA believes it's vital for kids to learn the importance of genuine faith and mission as a calling now.

"Biblically, we are in a time when we need to remember that every day, believers are called to live their lives on mission, ready to give an account." Mock adds about the second piece of the program, "We're trying to help them understand that mission is not just a small piece of the church, it is the calling of the church that we are to be on mission and proclaiming the lifesaving Gospel of Jesus Christ."

So how are kids practically brought onto the mission field? SGA has provided a way for that, too. In My Mission Adventure, kids not only learn about other believers, but have the opportunity to help them through SGA's Orphans Reborn program.

Orphans Reborn is a partnership program that connects Western churches with those in the Former Soviet Union for the plight of orphans. For example, a church in Madison, Wisconsin could be providing the support for a church in Moscow, Russia to regularly work with orphans in Russia. With the support needed to work with orphans, the churches are able to regularly meet with them, investing in relationships, and eventually sharing the Gospel.

Kids in My Mission Adventure have the opportunity to support those orphans through the program or even get their whole church involved, allowing even the youngest of believers to take part in the Great Commission at home and abroad.

This has only been one part of the series in My Mission Adventure, though. The next part will focus more on personal spiritual growth for each child. Churches who participated over the summer can't wait for the next part of the series to come in.

If your church is interested, you can get your free My Mission Adventure kit as well. To learn more, click here or call 1-800-BIBLE-50.

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