Myanmar Christians contend with bombings, landmines, and conflict

By September 5, 2023

Myanmar (MNN) — Myanmar exists on the constant edge of conflict. Violence is commonplace, as is the fallout that stems from bloodshed. Distrust, lack of resources, and legitimate fears that violence could break out at any moment are all daily realities for the people of Myanmar.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press recounts the stories and reports of some of her contacts in Myanmar: “We have a ministry that’s an orphanage that is supported by one of our staff members. They’ve been sending reports of the violence and what’s going on.”

Williams says this violence can lead to lack of food, lack of safety, and even continual bombings. Some areas are still littered with landmines that act as lethal reminders of past conflicts.

But the other thing that permeates these areas, especially those racked by constant violence, is the presence of God. Even in the midst of conflict, Williams says her partners are still printing hundreds of thousands of Scripture booklets that they can distribute to victims of violence. The result is a nation that finds courage in God rather than in aggression or fear.

Because these printers and partners are local, they’re able to translate Scripture into many unique languages that World Missionary Press might not be able to reach. One man in particular has been working in Myanmar for over 25 years. In that time, he has established intentional and secure distribution networks that provide Scripture booklets where they’re most needed. And all of these years later, tha network is still growing – so much so that the man’s son has stepped in to help.

You can support the work of Christians in Myanmar and suppliers like World Missionary Press, either financially or through prayer.

“We need to pray for the safety of the believers because they are faithful to continue the work; not just for their safety, but that their work would show God’s hand,” Williams says. “The scriptures are full of those situations where God showed Himself and He does it for His Name’s sake.

“These people, particularly our coordinator, they have been so faithful and so consistent for so many years. Now, they need help, but they also need strong leadership to come alongside them.”



Header photo courtesy of Unsplash.