Myanmar crisis sends refugees to Bangladesh and India

By April 20, 2021

Myanmar (MNN) — Military officials in Myanmar continue targeting their own civilians through shootings and even airstrikes.

Amid the chaos, many people have fled the country east to Bangladesh or west to India. Brian Dennett of AMG International says AMG partners in Bangladesh and India have already seen evidence of this refugee wave. “We absolutely do and are also working already on ways to try and help with that situation. The violence and the desperation that this has caused is definitely causing people to flee.”

But Dennett says Myanmar’s people were already struggling before the coup. That’s why AMG is getting food and supplies to those who need it. Dennett says, “Please be praying for people in Myanmar. The COVID-19 crisis and shutdowns had already created such desperate basic needs of food and water and medicine. And now with this great disruption in their lives, they are really lacking everything and they need our prayers. They need our help.”

Want to help? You can donate to the Myanmar Relief Fund here. Pray many in Myanmar would see the kindness and care of God’s people and be drawn to Christ.



Photo courtesy of AMG International on Facebook.

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