Myanmar junta has lost 90 military bases

By September 16, 2022

Myanmar (MNN) — Fighting continues in Myanmar between the military junta and local resistance groups. The military has lost about 90 bases since a February 2021 coup.

The military uses heavy artillery and airstrikes to hit resistance groups, often firing shells off even when there is no fighting going on.

One report says the junta only has full control over only 72 out of 330 townships in Myanmar. Other reports say the junta is focusing mainly on defense, no longer having the capacity for a full offensive.

Galen Burkholder with Global Disciples says the military response has gotten softer in some areas because they are running short on money. The intensity of fighting varies widely between regions.

Global Disciples

The Global Disciples team has been able to move around the country cautiously. Burkholder says, “There have been some horrendous stories of the junta actually bombing villages of their own people where there is a strong pro-democracy movement. But as they’ve moved cautiously, they have been able to continue their work. We are working with 147 different small clusters of churches across the country of Myanmar.”

“And all of them have been continuing with their training activities and then sending people out.”

These teams continue sharing God’s love across the country. Burkholder says, “We have places where we’re involved where COVID never reached. They are here simply isolated enough that there wasn’t outside influence. Those places have continued on, many up in the north of Myanmar in very mountainous areas. We’re seeing churches being planted there regularly.”

Burkholder says God is moving despite great chaos. Ask God to bring peace to Myanmar and strengthen the Global Disciples team.



Header photo courtesy of Gu Bra on Pexels. 

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