Myanmar military church bombing kills 11 believers

By January 15, 2024

Myanmar (MNN) — Wars in Ukraine and Gaza hold the world’s attention, leaving Myanmar’s junta free to do as it pleases.

A military fighter jet recently bombed Kanan, a village held by opposition forces near the border with India. “One of our courageous national missionaries reported that an A5 military fighter jet dropped four 250-pound bombs on Kanan village,” AMG International’s Brian Dennett says.

“The attack happened on Sunday morning during the church service, so those attending were killed or injured right within their building.”

According to local media, at least 17 civilians died in the attack, including nine children – and nearly two dozen people were injured.

“As of yesterday, [our partners reported] 11 of our brothers and sisters dead, including several children,” Dennett says.

People identify victims who lay shrouded in blankets at a building in Kanan village.
(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

Myanmar’s army took control of the country in a 2021 coup. When three ethnic minority militias allied on October 27, 2023, the junta began increasing air strikes on villages like Kanan.

Survivors of the latest attack fear another bombing, and they’re asking the Lord to intervene.

“They all fled to neighboring villages because what was left is just a mess, and there are few places they can go,” Dennett says.

“They are resting on their faith in Jesus, the only hope any of us have. But that’s so real for them every day as they face the loss of loved ones.”

You can help these Christian brothers and sisters survive until they return home. Send help here through AMG International.

“We already responded by delivering aid and resources directly to the scene, caring for those families,” Dennett says, but “our staff in the area need prayer, and we also could use more resources to help.”



Header and story images courtesy of AMG International.

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