Myanmar still struggles with post-storm problems

By June 18, 2008

Myanmar (MNN) — Cyclone Nargis'
damage is unspeakable. Weeks after the
storm hit, survivors are wading through
waist deep water and debris to get aid. Food
and shelter remain scarce because the government is stockpiling relief
supplies. Despair is rampant.

Bright Hope International's Mike Rutter says they're collaborating with
two local Christian groups who have found a way to bring supplies and hope into
the worst hit, under-resourced regions in Myanmar. "They're working
through the local church. They're able to get the rice, the mosquito nets,
tarps. Right now, things are very much still in a disaster relief mode," but costs have risen astronomically. 

Bright Hope acknowledges they're
paying a lot more for the supplies they distribute, but there isn't much
choice. Waiting for a government
distribution means more people could die. That's not an acceptable alternative for the ministry. 

They're working with the national
believers because that's the only way to get in. "Our partner has
scheduled 10 relief distributions, basically one per week. He just finished the
fifth one last week. We'll be sending
money on a weekly basis to support his efforts."

One partnership is a network of
churches working to get relief supplies to the people who need them most. So far,
these churches have been able to distribute rice, noodles and blankets.
Additional items such as candles, charcoal, clean water and medicines are
desperately needed.

The other part of the support team is a
Christian relief organization based in Thailand. Their network of Christian
relief workers already stationed in Myanmar's delta region has allowed them to
bring in relief supplies to the most devastated communities. They are providing food, water purification, medical
aid and workers. 

Funds equip these churches with
the relief supplies needed in their communities. Rutter says $80 will provide
food and shelter for a family of five for one month. "We're acting as the hands and feet to
the people that need it. We're helping
the most needy people as quickly as possible and using those actions to show
the love of Christ."   

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