Nagaland: Welcome to ‘No Man’s Land’

By February 19, 2016

India (Global Advance/MNN) — “No Man’s Land:” it’s defined as land that is unoccupied or is under dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied due to fear or uncertainty.


(Map courtesy Wikipedia)

There’s a wide swatch of it in South Asia that falls under this definition known as “Nagaland.” It’s a region in far northeast India, located in an area most Westerners don’t even realize is part of India. It’s home to some of the world’s fiercest tribes. Nagaland’s rebels have been consistently pushing the state’s borders outward.

It’s so dangerous that  Myanmar’s government doesn’t allow anybody to visit the area.

Yet, there are many Christians in Nagaland. Hundreds of hungry pastors and church planters braved epic floods just to get there, coming from Tibet, Bhutan, Burma, and Bangladesh.

Why all the trouble to go to a place called “No Man’s Land”?

  • Because God’s presence met them there
  • Because encouragement abounded
  • Because precious training and help was being offered

Global Advance recently hosted a Frontline Shepherd’s Conference in Nagaland. “We have the opportunity to plant 500 new churches among unreached villages!” one pastor exclaimed. “We just need the training and support.”

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

Over 90% of pastors in developing nations will never have the chance to attend seminary or formal Bible training. Many are in desperate need of encouragement. Global Advance training events are catalysts for church planting, discipleship, and national transformational efforts. Global Advance provides national pastors and church leaders with a vision in their hearts and tools in their hands for the advance of the Gospel worldwide.

Jesus said, “The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few.” These are willing workers that are taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. They sacrificed to journey to No Man’s Land so they can bring Christ to every man in their sphere of reach.

Think about the impact of new churches among unreached villages. Families rescued. Mothers and fathers discovering their purpose. Children’s destinies forever changed. The Gospel always lifts because the Gospel is life.

Global Advance becomes your arms extended to No Man’s Land and other strategic regions around the world. God loves and cares about these people. Will you stand with them to reach more?


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