Nationals in Suriname are reaching lost tribal people with the Gospel.

By September 9, 2003

Suriname (MNN) — A Suriname national is helping equip a tribal people group in his country to share the Gospel more effectively. Perry Smit is working with World Team ministering to the Trio Indians.

Smit says even though the Trio Indians face obstacles, they’re committed to spreading the Gospel. “They just have the New Testament and still they’re going beyond their own village and to the neighboring countries to bring the Gospel to other tribes. This is something that is really neat to me and should be to other believers also to see that these people, even though they don’t have the complete Bible yet, they’re still going beyond their own villages to bring the Gospel.”

Smit is staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida while raising the remaining 44-percent of their support.

He explains how they’re helping the Trio believers. “We train the leaders, they go and train their people and then they go beyond that.” Smit says it’s a multiplication ministry.

Smit says these India believers are much more effective in evanglism. He says they’re very dedicated. “Sometimes they leave their whole family behind to go and spread the Gospel.”

There are only two ways to get to the Trio people. Smit says, “We have to fly into the interior. We can take a canoe, but that takes several days. And, it’s difficult because you have to go through several rapids.” According to Trio, Disease is also a problem.

Pray that the Trio people. Pray for safety and that they will be instrumental is leading many tribal people to Christ in South America.

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