Nations in crisis open to the Gospel

By November 4, 2019

International (MNN) – In countries like Venezuela and Sudan, life remains in crisis after recent political upheaval.

This is true for many other countries around the world. Yet World Missionary Press reports that sometimes, a crisis opens a nation up to hear the Gospel.

Helen Williams from World Missionary Press explains that one of their ministry partners is reporting that the Gospel is spreading in Sudan. “You can hear all of this… negative news about civil unrest, humanitarian crisis and [that] the Sudan situation is desperate. But what they don’t tell you is that there is a hunger for the Word and there [is] a responsiveness,” Williams says.

World Missionary Press sends out free scripture booklets in over 300 languages to countries all over the world. These booklets explain the Gospel and other scriptural topics to bring the Word of God to those in need.

Nations in Crisis hear the Gospel

(Photo courtesy of WMP)

John, a WMP ministry partner, reports that many Sudanese are ready to hear the Gospel right now.

“More and more pathways for the gospel and discipleship are opening up in Sudan. I am constantly hearing testimonies of Sudanese coming to Christ in unconventional ways. Hundreds have surrendered to Jesus in refugee camps around North Africa,” he says.

Williams adds that for one man, telling Bible stories in a local marketplace led to several giving their lives to Christ. “Many of these Muslims, that came from all walks of life, who happened to come to the market that day had heard the Gospel. [They] came to him later for prayer and more understanding of the Gospel.”

Those living in crisis nations need to hear the Word of God. WMP wants to share the Gospel by sending Scripture booklets to these countries, and they have several shipments ready to go out.

“The opportunity is there… And that’s what’s changed this and there is a hunger,” Williams says.

“In Iran, we hear reports of hundreds of thousands of people coming to Christ. They have seen what Islam is, and it does not satisfy… the doors are open,” she adds.

Sending a Scripture Booklet

(Photo courtesy of WMP)

This summer, WMP had some funding shortages and had to cut back the number of booklets they print per month from 7 million down to 5 million. This shortage of booklets means that many of the crisis nations WMP works in did not receive enough booklets this summer.

Williams explains that by the end of the summer they received extra funds and were able to increase back to 7 million booklets per month, with a goal to reach 9 or 10 million per month by the end of next year.

It only costs about 5 cents to print one booklet and help someone hear the Gospel. Do you want to send a booklet to someone in a crisis nation? Click here to donate to WMP.

Williams says, “The Lord’s been faithful… We’re beginning our 59th year [and] we’ve seen the Lord be so faithful in all those years.”

You can also pray for WMP and the work they do in crisis nations. Pray WMP can get enough booklets to those who need to hear the Gospel most. Pray for peace in these struggling countries and for open hearts for the Gospel.



Header photo courtesy of Robert Metz via Unsplash.

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