Nations urge citizens to leave Lebanon as Israel-Hezbollah tensions escalate

By June 27, 2024
stock photo, Lebanese, Lebanon

Lebanon (MNN) — Escalating tensions threaten to tip the Gaza war into a regional conflict. Canada called its citizens out of Lebanon yesterday due to the deteriorating security situation, as Israel and Hezbollah trade daily assaults.

Speaking to MNN from Beirut, Heart for Lebanon’s Camille Melki says, “In the last few days, it felt like this tension was escalating further, with both [sides] threatening to escalate it to the next level.”

Military analysts warn that a war today would be worse than the conflict between Israel and Lebanon in 2006.

“Any conflict between Hezbollah and Israel that goes to the next level could escalate [to] a regional war. The political paramilitary groups in Iraq and Yemen could join the conflict,” Melki says.

“Iran has many arms that it can use to support Hezbollah, and that brings so much fear to all of us.”

The United States continues to push Israel and Hamas toward a diplomatic solution, warning that its ability to deter aggression from either side is limited.

“Lebanese are all concerned. As a nation, we are people of peace; we desire and pray that this conflict ends sooner than later,” Melki says.

(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

Heart for Lebanon cares for displaced Lebanese families and introduces fearful hearts to the hope and love of Christ. Find ways to help on Heart for Lebanon’s website.

“We exist for times like this. We’re here to be the hand and feet of Jesus amid the dark days,” Melki says. “We don’t celebrate these moments of turmoil, but we are here for that purpose.”

Founded in 2006, “Heart for Lebanon serves all [vulnerable] people in our nation. We serve unconditionally, and we exist to help lead people from despair to hope,” Melki continues.

“This is our moment to be there, in the midst of that conflict, showing the love of Jesus Christ without any discrimination and sharing the Gospel alongside every humanitarian aid we can provide.”



Header image depicts Lebanese army soldiers. (Photo courtesy of Fahed27 via Pixabay)

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