Native American young people tell their ‘Hope Stories’

By July 6, 2007

USA (MNN) — It’s not always easy sharing your personal testimony in front of hundreds of strangers. It can be even more difficult telling your own family. Now imagine sharing that message of hope with thousands of your own family at one time.


The Ron Hutchcraft Ministries sponsored "Warrior Leadership Summit" is over, and now it's time for action. And that’s what Native American young people will be doing this summer: sharing their personal "hope story" on reservations throughout the United States and Canada.


They’ll be people like "Kahse," an Ojibwa from Minnesota. “Well, I went last year and had such an incredible time witnessing to people. I really enjoyed seeing what God could do, seeing what prayer He is able to answer in miraculous ways. Just from my experiences last year, seeing how God moved and how it felt so amazing to be able to reach out to other people, that’s why I want to go again–just to witness.”


She helped lead two teen age girls to the Lord and says she was just amazed at how God spoke to them. She can’t wait to hit the trail again.


“I though it was so powerful because the Lord allowed me to witness to so many people and so many wonderful opportunities and chances that I never thought I would be able to have. He opened the doors just incredibly with people’s hearts.”


Her prayer is that people would have open their hearts to hearing the Word of God. She wants them to see Christ as more than “just a white man’s god.” And she can’t wait to see the transformation of her team members as God’s awesome power is used to proclaim the life-changing message of the Gospel to all tongues and tribes–tribes that many of the team members belong to and want to see brought into the Kingdom of God.

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