Native Leadership Center prepares young adults to make disciples

By June 24, 2024

United States (MNN) – In one week, young Native Americans will gather for Warrior Leadership Summit. The special conference is one way that On Eagles’ Wings (a part of Hutchcraft Ministries) encourages Native youth and young adults to believe in Jesus and grow in faith.

Some of the Native Christians will also participate in Summer of Hope, an annual youth outreach on Native American reservations. Learn more about Summer of Hope here.

Weston Francis says students receive further discipleship in community at the On Eagle’s Wings Leadership Center. Read about the dedication last April of the Leadership Center here.

“We hear from the students even just this year of how they have craved for something like this, they have craved for a community of believers to walk alongside with and grow with,” says Francis.

Many of the students who come to the Leadership Center grow up feeling isolated and surrounded by brokenness. They have not experienced a healthy community before or felt so seen. After nine months, the students return home with the holistic skills they need to thrive and serve others.

Francis says, “We want to create disciples who are going to eventually create disciples.”

“And so if we can show them how to create a community, they can do that for themselves when they go back home.”

One graduate soon began a small youth group in his community and brought nine students to the Warrior Leadership Summit. He now leads a local ministry.

The Leadership Center further prepares the students by showing them their true identity in God’s eyes. When they encounter difficulties and spiritual attacks, they will be ready to counter with the truth.

Francis says, “Sometimes all you need to tell a young person is, ‘Remember what God says about you.’”

He says it is the first time many of the students see their own value and potential. With a little nudge and responsibility given to them, many go further than they thought possible when they started.

“The Leadership Center is built to help them figure out what the next steps are,” says Francis.

“A good chunk of them this year are in a gray area of figuring out, ‘Where does God want me?’”

Pray for the new leadership graduates to have confidence in God and glorify Him wherever they go. As they determine what to do next or how to do it, may they move forward in faith and lead others to Jesus.

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Photo courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings, Hutchcraft Ministries.

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