Native ministry offers a different kind of “gap year”

By May 25, 2022

USA (MNN) — Centuries ago, before the land known today as northern Arkansas became part of the United States, it was a favored hunting ground for the Osage tribe.

Few Natives from any tribe call it “home” now, and the history of Harrison, Arkansas, carries plenty of pain. But a new center taking shape in Harrison on the campus of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries offers hope.

“We are looking at the fulfillment of the full circle strategy of On Eagles’ Wings,” Brad Hutchcraft says.

“[We are] investing more time in these young Christian Native leaders who are saying, ‘I want to make a difference for my people.’”

On Eagles’ Wings equips Native American believers to bring the hope of Christ to their communities.

Hutchcraft oversees On Eagles’ Wings, a division of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. OEW equips Native American believers to bring the hope of Christ to their communities.

This fall, classes are set to begin at the brand new On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center. Hutchcraft says, “This will be a nine-month ‘gap year’ program. We will cover things from biblical worldview to [handling] your finances to relationships.”

A new beginning

OEW’s curriculum may not look like a traditional “gap year” program. “A ‘gap year’ usually [refers to] the gap between high school and college,” Hutchcraft says.

“We want to help stand in the gap and fill in the gaps; to ‘shore up’ some of the [problem areas] so they can be incredible difference-makers for their people.”

Many Native young people come to Christ from a painful background. Stepping away for a season to heal is powerful.

“When they can get away from the everyday things weighing them down, they grow in such amazing ways,” Hutchcraft says.

“Coming to [the On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center], a beautiful place in the Ozark hills, they can pull away and really focus on who Jesus created them to be.”

Help launch indigenous leaders here.

“Pray for all the remaining funds needed for this (the center); but most importantly, pray for the first class of students,” Hutchcraft requests.

“Pray this would be the right class to experience all God has in store at the On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center.”



Header image courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings / Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.