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Published on 04 November, 2013

Need a quick Christmas gift?

(Image courtesy Food For the Hungry)

(Image courtesy Food For the Hungry)

International (MNN) — Christmas is just around the corner and there are always great bargains! But what bargain are you looking for?

Food for the Hungry has a Christmas catalog full of bargains. As the holiday season comes you have the opportunity to give and make a huge impact on a family in need.

One of the many bargains include: giving a sheep to a family. By giving just a sheep to a family helps them ear income in order to pay for food, school fees and health care.

Your one gift of sheep will help single moms in Ethiopia.   The sheep will keep on giving every season with things like wool to sell, meat for nutrition, vet training to care for sheep, business training to market the wool and lambs.

This Christmas season, be the one who helps make a difference in another family’s life. To look through this year’s Christmas catalog, visit here.

Along with the gift of a sheep, there are many more gifts to give that will impact a family’s life. It could be anything from gifts of clean water or medicine, to a school education and Bibles.   It’s your choice. Through these gifts the families will see the love of Christ through your giving. Sharing Jesus through a gift is a bargain in itself.

Pray that this Christmas season will be one where many give abundantly and the ones receiving see the love of Christ through gifts.

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Call to action

  • Pray that through these gifts, people will be introduced to the Gospel
  • Pray that needs are met through the giftings.

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