Need surpasses capacity; AIM AIR seeks to purchase another plane

By January 23, 2013

Africa (MNN) — Do you know what missionary aviation is?

It's the transport by plane of God's Word and His servants to some of the most remote areas on earth. Missionary aviation allows missionaries to escape dangerous areas during times of intense conflict, and ministries can deliver aid to refugee camps using these planes.

Africa Inland Mission (AIM) has a ministry like this called AIM AIR that serves over 80 Christian organizations and hundreds of missionaries in East and Central Africa. They operate a dozen aircraft and fly up to 1 million miles each year.

Right now, they're struggling to keep up with the need for their services.

Core to AIM AIR's ministry is the Cessna Caravan. It's a utility aircraft that's specifically designed to handle the rough terrain many mission fields call a "runway." AIM AIR's Caravans are booked constantly, and the group sometimes has to turn down requests because their planes aren't available.

Adding another Caravan plane to the fleet would be a huge help, but it's a $1.4 million project. A matching grant is doubling every donation up to $700,000, or half of the purchase price of a used Cessna Caravan.
Can you help?

Click here if you can help fund the purchase of another Cessna Caravan.

What types of missionary work does AIM AIR support? With the purchase of another Caravan, AIM AIR increases their ability to serve God's servants in: church planting, evangelism, community development, medical missions, children's education, pastor training, emergency relief, Bible translation, short-term mission trips, and more.

Pray that funding would come in. Pray that God would enable AIM AIR to help more of His servants.

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