Nepal earthquakes: a spiritual wake up call?

By May 25, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Reach Beyond)

(Photo courtesy of Reach Beyond)

Nepal (MNN) — The Nepal earthquakes shook the country–and not just on the ground.

One relief worker believes the tremors could have been a spiritual wake up call.

“I was actually just recently with our partner who was working directly with us in Harmi,” said Curt Cole, senior vice president of global ministries with Reach Beyond. “His heart is very heavy at this time just because of the spiritual condition of people in the country of Nepal. While God has been working in certain areas, there’s still the vast majority of people that have not heard about Jesus. He believes God is using this to literally shake up the country of Nepal.”

Reach Beyond workers arrived in the town of Kathmandu on April 29 to assess the damage and see how they could help. They have been working to meet immediate needs by providing food, water, and shelter. But they are using relief efforts to create opportunities to share Christ’s love and encourage the suffering.

“This is the most serious earthquake they’ve had in life,” Cole said. “His belief is, and we’re praying along with him, that God will use this to bring people to a better understanding through the churches that do exist and through the help that’s coming from different agencies around the world. And were just happy to be a part of that.”

(Photo courtesy of Reach Beyond)

(Photo courtesy of Reach Beyond)

Reach Beyond currently has three staff members working in the small, remote village of Harmi. They are analyzing structures and will determine which ones can be repaired and which must be completely rebuilt. One of the only buildings still standing isa  birthing center started two years ago by a Reach Beyond partner. It caters to people’s physical and spiritual needs, and will open soon after minor repairs are made.

But another building–a radio station and partner of Reach Beyond–was destroyed. It was one of eight partner stations in Nepal, which all happened to be near the quake’s epicenter. Reach Beyond workers plan to repair the station so it can continue to inform and encourage believers.

“As Christians, we should first of all be praying for our brothers and sisters that live in Nepal,” Cole said. “There are many Nepalese Christians who are vibrant in their faith, and the church there is growing. And at the same time we need to pray for all of the people in Nepal.

Cole also said that as the monsoon rains have begun, shelter is of primary importance.

“Most people are not able to be in their homes because of this damage from the earthquake,” Cole said. “So [we’re] trying to get sufficient shelter in place in a very short time so the vast majority doesn’t have to be out in the elements.

“We just need to be praying for the future of the country and praying that this really does open up, as our partner says, more doors to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s how we should be praying as well.”

You don’t have to travel to Nepal to help Reach Beyond open doors and meet needs. Pray that the Nepalese people would realize the hope found in Christ during their time of suffering. Pray also for wisdom for relief workers as they find the most effective ways to serve. You can financially support Reach Beyond workers in Nepal by giving to their emergency medical relief fund.

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