Nepal revisits return to Hindu State

By April 5, 2010

Nepal (MNN) — Compass Direct says Nepal could be returning
to a Hindu state. Their report indicates the appeal has been growing as the May
28 rewrite of the constitution nears.

Ruling parties are in conflict over power sharing. The peace accord with the Maoist rebels could
be at risk.  Given the lack of progress
since Nepal abolished monarchy in 2008, there is some concern that the
ruling parties won't be able to compromise on the new constitution they

With the deadline looming, a former prime minister suggested
that Nepal should revive an earlier one, meaning the 1990 constitution in which
Nepal was declared a Hindu kingdom with a constitutional monarch.   His voice echoes Nepal's deposed King,
and the idea is taking hold. 

When it was a Hindu kingdom, proclaiming Christ was a
punishable offense, and churches were shut down. 

It appears the window for evangelism could be closing. However, John
Lowrey with Christian Resources International says they're providing pastor Reuben Rai with materials for his
ministry. "He has a particular
heart for training pastors and Christian workers to help them be capable to do
a better job in their teaching so that in turn the Word continues to

Rai hand delivers hundreds of Bibles and other Christian
materials to rural churches. It's a
small, but effective work. He is a one-man team, working from his small
home in Katmandu. That's one reason CRI
can't send him a Great Crate. There
would be no storage for the materials, and Rai would be overwhelmed. Small and often, says Lowrey. "It has to be shipped in smaller
quantities so that he can handle it. We'll probably be shipping 600-800 pounds." 

The distribution is familiar. In an earlier interview, CRI's Fred Palmerton
explained, "Reuben has done international work and moves across the
borders of Tibet. He's well-grounded in the techniques needed to safely come
and go, to know where he can maintain safety for the pastors and churches that
he has trained."

Keep praying wisdom for Pastor Rai. As the window seems to be closing, Lowrey
says he needs help. "Pray that God
would raise up some people to help him with that ministry. Pray for these
materials to get there and to be well distributed to the right people." If you can help, click here.

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