Nepali believers pray for change as they head to the polls

By April 11, 2008

Nepal (MNN) — The people of Nepal went to the polls in huge numbers yesterday to vote in first election in nine years in the Himalayan country. The vote could abolish the world's last Hindu monarchy. The mass turnout took place despite bombings and shootings days before the election.

The high turnout may reflective of the widespread hope the vote will complete a peace process started in 2006 when Maoist rebels signed a truce with the Government, ending years of civil war that killed 13,000 people.

Many want a new Nepal, however, it's uncertain if this 'new' Nepal will have a place for Christians who want to share their faith. That uncertainty isn't stopping a Bible Pathway Ministries' partner from sharing the Gospel.

Bible Pathway's Karen Hawkins says Bible Pathway is working with a Nepali national, who's a Bible school graduate. "There is a great deal of concern. He was asking us to pray that there be any riots, that there not be any bombing or violence and that they be able to have a voice."

According to Hawkins, this pastor goes into Nepal jungle areas deep into the mountains. She says his ministry has been effective. "His street ministry continues. They even won a witch doctor to the Lord recently. He prints tracts and takes his teams into the streets and he continues to witness. So, we're excited."

Bible Pathway is also partnering with another organization to help get Bibles and other resources into Nepal regularly.

Funding for outreach in Nepal is needed. Hawkins says, "The requests that we receive all over the world, and including Nepal, always far exceeds whatever we are presently able to do."

It's impossible to tell what will happen to religious freedom following the elections, however, Hawkins says you can help. "Even though this pastor is on the front lines, those who supply what he needs so he can minister has the same reward in God's eyes."

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