Nepal’s new government vows not to harm Christians

By July 10, 2008

Nepal (MNN) — Christians are hopeful now that Nepal has a new government. As of May 28, Nepal became a democratic republic, ending 200 years of being the world's only Hindu monarchy.

Through the years, Christians in Nepal have paid a heavy price — threats, beatings, ridicule and even imprisonment — for choosing to love and follow Jesus. Now much of Nepal — Christians included — is hopeful at the news of this new government.

During recent months, a Maoist leader initiated a meeting with Nepal's major Christian leaders, expressing that the Maoists would guarantee religious freedom in Nepal and vowing not to harm Christians. The Maoists have also made verbal promises to work toward peace in the nation.

There is a certain expectancy that Christians will enjoy more freedom — and, with it, more opportunities to share the Gospel of hope. Gospel for Asia's Nepal regional leader, Narayan Sharma, clearly recognizes this.

"The Lord had His eyes on Nepal from the beginning of the formation of this nation and people," Narayan says. "We see how God is fulfilling His promise, ‘I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.' A nation which was hostile to the Gospel had to change its Constitution and laws to accept Nepali Christians as their fellow citizens with respect. We believe that Nepal will change continuously from past history to new reality . . . from darkness to the light of the Gospel. It is true: what was sown in tears is now being reaped with joy."

GFA's work in Nepal began in 1988. The ministry includes personal evangelism, church planting, ministry to children, Bible schools, Gospel literature distribution–the largest in Nepal, film ministry and radio broadcasts in Nepali and Sherpa.

The first order of business for the new governing assembly is to draft a new constitution.
Narayan requests earnest and faithful prayer for his nation during this critical time as a new government and constitution are formed simultaneously, and for the believers in this country that they can continue to "spread the influence and fragrance of the Gospel in this beautiful nation."

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