Nepal’s rebels continue to attack believers.

By November 18, 2004

Nepal (MNN)–Fresh clashes between Maoist rebels and the Nepal’s government have left dozens dead.

The Maoists, who are fighting for a communist state, control 60 percent of the country. Since the war between them and the Nepali government began, more than 9,000 lives have been lost.

As the fighting continues, Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohanan says they’re concerned for their team members. While one pastor remains behind bars, “The other pastor who was kidnapped by the Maoists is still missing. We have some sketchy information but we are not sure what is happening with him all we know is that he’s still alive. They did not kill him yet.”

Yohanan says theirs is not an unusual case. As hard as the Maoists try to stop their workers, they are seeing more interest. “A lot of Christians are being kidnapped and taken to labor camps to actually do manual labor for these people. We need to pray. This is a time when lots of people are coming to the Lord in the countryside. At the same time, we are faced with this opposition.”

As long as the violence continues, conditions in this nation will deteriorate further–and hinder the spread of the Gospel.

Please pray fervently for the Lord to intervene and for Jesus to be exalted in Nepal. Pray for the safety of the 365 GFA pastors and missionaries and the 200 churches they have planted.

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