New ABTS module takes aim at MENA misconceptions

By March 12, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — What false assumptions can people believe about the Middle East? That’s the theme of a new module from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary for its Master of Religion in MENA Studies program.

This module looks at the politics, history, and economics of the Middle East and North Africa region. Brent Hamoud coordinates the course. He says, “Perhaps one assumption would be that the Middle East is pre-determined or bent towards a type of violence, of chaos, of conflict. That this is the natural state of the Middle East. That it is for others from the outside to intervene and to bring peace to the region.”

But this assumption often causes more harm than good. Hamoud says, “There’s a lot more going on in the region than the conflicts, which are very real and very dramatic. But they [don’t tell] the whole story. And the interventions from others throughout history in the region haven’t always contributed to good development.”

How to pray

Freedom from these assumptions will allow students to better serve people in their Middle East and North Africa contexts. Pray this course will lead to more fruitful ministry in this region that Jesus loves. Hamoud says, “Ultimately the whole program, and this course included, is about understanding the realities that people face and seeing how the church can respond and be the ministers of Christ’s light.”

ABTS switched to a fully online format for education last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the school continues navigating this change, ask God to strengthen teachers and students for the work and ministry ahead.



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