New app lets Sammy Tippit partner with Indian believers

By October 11, 2021

India (MNN) — Each month, Sammy Tippit meets with dozens of pastors in India over the internet. He says, “I train them in evangelism. I train them in discipleship, and then they all have small groups that they have started. And they bring that training that we have back to those small groups. We’re effectively helping them to make disciples and then preparing their churches to do evangelism.”

Tippit has been meeting with the pastors since March, and in that time all of them have stayed involved in the program.

Using the app

Most of the small group work will be done through the Sammy Tippit Discipleship App, which has been translated into Hindi. Tippit wants to use the app for discipleship instead of using social media. That way, it will be more difficult for an outside influence to shut it down.

All this training is leading to a big evangelistic event in November. Tippit says, “When people come to Christ, [our people] are ready to go with the discipleship, bring them into small groups. They’ve got resources to use to immediately start helping them to grow in Christ.”

Tippit says this is the kind of work he has been hoping to do with the app. “If we can do this in multiple languages, I’m just so excited about the potential of what would happen. What we’re looking at is something much more than providing an app. It’s providing a ministry. And it’s been a real struggle getting to this place with the app. But we’re finally here.”

Get involved

You can help Sammy Tippit Ministries keep doing this translation work, which is one of the biggest expenses of the project. Donate here.

And pray many will discover Jesus’ love through this discipleship work.



Header photo courtesy of Harish Sharma from Pixabay.

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