New Arabic NIV Study Bible awaits printing

By August 9, 2010

International (MNN) — The New International Version of Scriptures just completed the Arabic NIV Study Bible.

Now, it is Biblica's turn to step in and start printing
Bibles. Once printed, these Bibles will give even more people from the Middle
East and North Africa access to God's Word, many of whom may never have read
the Bible, especially in their own language.

For current Christians in this region, the printed Bibles
will be incredible tools not only to deepen their faith in Christ, but also
to give guidance on how to reach out to their neighbors with this eternal

For those who have not yet made decisions for Christ, these
Bibles will serve as a resource for exploring the person of Christ and
answering their many questions.

With every copy distributed, Biblica will be closer to the completion
of their work, as stated on their Website: that "every person in the world is given the opportunity to
encounter Jesus Christ through God's Word and be transformed.

However, before any of this begins, Biblica needs your help
to fund printing.

Click here. Any gift you give will go 100 percent to
print new Arabic NIV Study Bibles.

Upon completion of printing, pray for God to open hearts
among those who receive Bibles.

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