New book helps Christians overcome the status quo

By April 14, 2008

USA (MNN) — Ron Hutchcraft says across the continent, he finds people who are "sick of the status quo." That was his motivation for writing his book titled A Life that Matters: Making the Greatest Possible Difference With the Rest of Your Life. 

"We know we have eternity when we die. That's great. But the question is between now and the funeral. Because most of my life is everyday stuff–you work, you go to school, you go to Wal-Mart, you live where you live, you recreate where you recreate–I really believe that what the Scripture tells us is that God has called us to join Him in the greatest cause on the planet," said Hutchcraft.

So what does our restlessness tell us about God's purpose for us? "The answer is that God made you restless because He wants you to want to be a part of something larger than just what you do all the time. He wants to take what you do and infuse it with eternal meaning," Hutcraft explained.

Rescue is Hutchcraft's key word for having an eternal impact. The key to having an eternal impact is realizing that we have all been divinely placed where we are by God. Hutchcraft puts it this way: "We have all been assigned a stretch of the beach. Every one of us is God's designated life guard on our stretch of the beach."

Hutchcraft is moved by how similar the story of the Titanic is to our daily life. As people boarded and rode away on half-empty life boats after the ship sank, those who only got life jackets shouted from the water for the lifeboats to come back. When the funeral boats came three days later, 328 people who had frozen to death were floating in the waters. "Now, why did they die? Well, not because the Titanic sank, because they survived that. They died because the people who were already saved did nothing about the people all around them who were dying.  I look at that and I think, ‘Dear God, is that us?'"

A Life that Matters helps readers learn how to turn their lifeboat around to bring as many people to Heaven with them as possible. Included in the book are study questions that help readers really address the practical issues of fear and the different languages of Christians and unbelievers, among other things. 

"Actually on June 1st, we will launch a 13-week small group experience that will be introduced on video by me and concluded by me each time with an incredible workbook to help people work through this," said Hutchcraft.

What does God say about living a life that matters? "Daniel chapter 12 verse 3 tells us how:  ‘Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever,'" said Hutchcraft.

If you'd like a copy of the book you can go here or ask your local Christian bookstore if they have a copy.

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