New booklet on the true meaning of Christmas could generate more Bible reading

By November 28, 2011

International (MNN) — Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?

Charlie Brown's famous line is echoed during the Christmas season by many who searching for something more.

In the West amid toys, sales, lists, and food, it's easy to forget the real reason to celebrate. A lot of people may know that Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus, but they might not make all the connections in Scripture.

And yet Biblica's CEO Doug Lockhart agrees that Christmas is a season where people may be more inclined to make spiritual connections.

"We think about people who might be far from the church or have a long background in the church that may or may not be close to God," explains Lockhart. "But sometimes a time like this during the holidays is a time when they'll re-evaluate."

And Biblica wants to be there for it.

To make the most of this season for searching hearts, Biblica has created a new resource. "The Coming" is a short booklet that is an excerpt of key Scripture passages, as well as some really engaging explanation of what it all means."

Illustrated in color and told through the narrative of Luke, the prophesy of Isaiah, and the imagery of Revelation, The Coming walks the reader through what it meant for Jesus to be expected king and how he defied those expectations.

The Coming is presented in a story form without chapters and verses, making it easy to read and understand.

Biblica hopes that as people read the booklets and distribute them, it'll be more than just a new Christmas tradition. "This is a tool that we're hopeful will be placed in someone's hands which might reengage them in God's Word."

As people around you seek out the true meaning of Christmas and life as a whole this season, be ready to share with them the entirety of the Good News of the newborn King. It could be the start of a new life in Christ.

The Coming is only $0.60 when bought in bulk, and only $0.75 bought individually. Get your copies here.

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