New children’s campus lives up to its namesake in Peru

By October 28, 2010

Peru (MNN) — Pachacamac was once one of the most important religious
centers of the central Andes. In Quechua, its name
means "The One who Animates the World." In spite of its auspicious beginnings, the
march of time ravaged the area. 

Today, poverty is
high, as it is throughout much of the country. Half the
population of Peru survives on less than $2 per day. More than 570,000 orphans roam the streets
of Peru with nowhere to go, no one to help them, and no hope.

Kids Alive International is providing both help and hope with efforts to end the cycle of
poverty and darkness, while also enabling the children they help to give hope
to others.  

The ministry's answer to Peru's challenge
is an education, nutritious meals, medical care, and the love of Christ for more
than 165 children.   

There's a story in I Kings 19
that encompasses their vision. The
prophet Elijah had come from a spiritual high and was now
thoroughly demoralized, discouraged and alone. Queen Jezebel had most of his comrades executed, and he was on the run.

In the midst of poverty and
hunger, Elijah took refuge beneath a juniper tree (broom tree), and God provided for
his needs. That story dovetails with
Kids Alive's mission in Pachamac to be a refuge in the desert that provides
protection and nourishment for the children they work with.

The new Juniper Tree Children's
Home Campus has about 30 children in five family homes. Eventually six family homes will each house
eight children and their house parents.

This expanded campus of homes
will allow Kids Alive to begin rescuing additional children in Pachacamac and
the surrounding area. The older boys
will eventually move to their own property nearby when funds become available. A
number of their graduates have a strong desire to work with children at risk in
the future.

It's ministry come full circle,
taking hope in the desert and sharing "The One
who Animates the World" with the kids who have none.    

Please prayerfully consider
helping Kids Alive complete the finishing touches on these homes soon. Click here to  help.


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