New distribution center to open in violence-plagued Nigeria

By January 24, 2013

Nigeria (MNN) — Christian Resources International sends used Bibles, Christian books, and unused Sunday school material around the world. CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says 169 countries have been serviced by CRI.

Now they are announcing a new partnership with a Nigerian pastor
to start something new in Nigeria. "We are working together to plant the
first-ever My CRI Mission distribution center in Lagos, Nigeria where
people in that country will be able to come, receive a Bible, and
Christian teaching tools." 

Why is there so much need? Woolford says, "The average income is around
$30 a month in most places, and people cannot afford the Word of God.
People are so hungry, even for the used material that we send. They
treat it as gold." 

Woolford expresses concern about a new problem, making their ministry in Nigeria more difficult.

"People will take [books]–whether they be individual shipments, or big containers–and sell them to people on the black market. We're able to send the Word of God to people who are going to read it and freely distribute it, instead of selling it on the black market."

Woolford says CRI can be trusted. "We have 58 years of ministry experience behind us."

This is a major commitment for CRI. "Our investment will be in running this facility, stocking it with Bibles and Christian teaching tools, and then having feet on the ground, if you will, that will be manning this facility."

Nigeria has been wracked by Muslim extremist violence. Is Woolford concerned? "That's something that we contend with on a regular basis. [In Nigeria] half the people are Christians, the other half are of the Muslim faith."

The facility could be the springboard for getting resources into other countries in the surrounding area.

CRI narrows it down to three words: share, send, and sow these
resources. "We ask that you share those, send them to us, and then when
you send them to us we're able to sow them into God's Word, into the
lives of people around the world." 

In 2012, CRI was able to distribute $5.8 million of used Christian books and material to 16 countries. Woolford is asking you to help by donating your used Bibles and books, and to be involved financially. "We're asking people to become a book missionary at $27 a month. That puts $300 worth of Bibles and Christian teaching tools on someone's shelf around the world."

You can also help sponsor an entire container for $10,000. If you can help in any way, click here.

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