New facilities allow for greater service

By August 3, 2010

USA (MNN) — When you moved into your first house or
apartment, did folding trays double as the kitchen table? Did you sport plastic
lawn chairs in your living room instead a couch for the first month or so?

Orphan Outreach came from similar humble beginnings, using folding trays and lawn chairs as office furniture.

Today, they have grown and expanded past a sparsely-furnished office to move into the Hope Center in Plano, Texas. There, with 40
other Christian ministries, their team of 7 U.S. staff work together with over 50
years of experience in orphan and child care.

But it's not just their offices that are expanding. They
have seen their work to orphans in Russia, India, Guatemala and Honduras grow
tremendously in the three years since their work begin in 2007.

Just last year, Orphan Outreach helped 14,100 children around
the world, distributing $418,000 in humanitarian aid.

With each child they touch, they share Christ's love through
every word and deed.

You can join Orphan Outreach in their ever expanding work by
clicking here to volunteer, serve, pray or donate.

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