New law tightens China’s cybersecurity

By December 1, 2016

China (MNN) — If China was strict before, it just got stricter. In early November, the Chinese government passed a law tightening its reigns on cybersecurity and giving the government more control over information flow and technology equipment.

A New Law


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Similar to the Russian “Anti-Terrorism Law”, many are wondering how this stricter law is going to affect ministries in the country, like Bibles for China.

Don’t know the ministry? Well, Bibles for China is all about what’s in its name: Bibles. The ministry legally provides Bibles for no cost to Christians throughout China, particularly in rural areas.

Now with the new law, Bibles for China is figuring out how to tread. “Westerners and Christian communities are going to be more observed, have more scrutiny in what transpires,” Bibles for China’s Wendell Rovenstine explains.

“So anything anybody does in China needs to be done with the scrutiny and understanding that China’s bureau and those people in China are controlling or releasing, whichever side you may be on, the movement of Christians within China.”

Other Chinese Christian leaders are also working through the same process of obeying the law but continuing make the Gospel available in China. In a sense, these Christian leaders form a team with the common goal of working within the Chinese law.

Treading Carefully

Bibles for China’s approach emulates Romans 13:1-7, where Christians are reminded to obey their governing authorities. Part of this means obeying the law, even when it may feel like it’s restricting the Gospel. But through Christ, all things are possible.

“Bibles for China works with the registered churches and we’re doing all we can to be forthright in what we do, because there is the unity that China tries to keep in their harmony attitude.”

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Part of Bibles for China’s ministry also involves bringing teams to China to come alongside outreach and help pass out Christian literature. This year’s teams are small, but with reason. Bibles for China is concerned with protecting both the Christian communities they visit and themselves.

“Our big concern is we don’t go over there and bring a large contingency of foreigners to the Chinese community and put in jeopardy those we have been able to develop trust with and openness with, because going over there…people provide funds for Bibles,” Rovenstine shares.

“We go where the Bibles are distributed and where the Bibles have been shipped to churches. So we want to be there in support of them.”

Coming Alongside

Interested in joining a trip? Though it’s too late join a 2016 trip, there will be ten trips to check out in 2017! To learn more about Bibles for China’s upcoming trips to the country, click here!

In the meantime, prayers are greatly appreciated. Pray for Christians in China as they learn how to pursue their faith as well as obey their government in the ever-changing laws. Pray also for the current 2016 team’s safety as it travels to China and also pray for the teams that will make the trip next year as well.

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