New media means new paths to ministry in India.

By October 14, 2003

India (MNN)–The life of Christ, shown in 16 mm, seen played out on a bedsheet-type screen, spread between coconut trees, or two staves…the sometimes primitive conditions for a showing of ‘Dayasaga’ rarely prevented it from happening.

Dayspring International’s John Gilman says the all-Indian acted movie touches hundreds of thousands of India’s people. However, the equipment is bulky, and rural areas may present other challenges to showing the film.
New technology, though, is opening doors and breathing new life into the ministry.

Gilman says they are reformatting their all-Indian acted life of Christ movie to DVD. Going digital allows more portable equipment, which means the film can be shown in homes. “This is like a new day for our film evangelism ministry. We are just so excited about it because we will be able to show the film in virtually every nook and corner without any restrictions. It would just give us a wonderful opportunity.” Not only that, but because the equipment is lighter, women can carry it.

Gilman says they already have many women interested in getting involved with film teams. But, new opportunity brings the anti-conversion laws to mind. Gilman explains they work within the law. “There are a few militants who will show up from time to time to stop it and they have the ideas that this is an attempt to convert or bribe people to a Western religion. But in fact, it’s just a free showing in which the people can look to God and seek His power in their life and turn to Jesus.”

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