New ministry partnership will advance the Gospel in prisons

By December 10, 2019
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USA (MNN/Crossroads) — Crossroads Prison Ministries and Alpha for Prisons USA and International are excited to announce the launch of a partnership between the two organizations. Alpha and Crossroads share a passion for leading men and women in prison through the Bible to discover its life-giving story of redemption.

Lisa Blystra, President and CEO of Crossroads, says Alpha focuses on more introductory faith questions for new believers in prison, while Crossroads specializes in biblical mentorship.

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“When they finish the courses that Alpha has to offer, they will be invited to pursue further exploration of their faith through the long-term discipleship that Crossroads offers. And then Crossroads will likewise promote Alpha to our respective key audiences and stakeholders.”

Alpha for Prisons brings the Alpha course – a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of Christianity – into more than 400 prisons, jails, halfway houses, and juvenile detention facilities in the US. The Alpha course will reach a total of 900 prisons in 50 countries around the world.

Crossroads Prison Ministries is currently touching over 37,000 men and women in prison across the globe with the Gospel message through its Bible-based mentorship program.

Both ministries also share a common passion for and commitment to engaging volunteers from churches to care for those in prison.

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“The Church has the answer to the problem of mass incarceration in America and beyond,” Blystra says. “When Christians faithfully share the Good News of Jesus’s unconditional love, mercy and grace to those who are so desperate for hope, lives are eternally transformed.

Please ask God to bless this new partnership between Crossroads and Alpha. Pray “that we would see an uprising of people in the Church…and an eagerness of more and more people really responding to the call to care for the prisoner.”

To learn more about how to get involved with prison ministry at Crossroads, click here!



Header photo courtesy of Jesse Gardner via Unsplash.

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