New missionary pilots in training

By August 23, 2007

International (MNN) — There's a new team of pilots in
training at New Tribes Mission. New
Tribes' Tim Sanford: "Traditionally we have only been training two to
three guys in a given year. In the last two years, our numbers have really
increased to where we've maxed out at six. That's how many we have here now, and
we expect to have another six coming next year, as well."

Six new families with a combined total of seven children are
adjusting to their new surroundings at the McNeal, Arizona training facilities. They will soon begin the specialized training
for missionary pilots and mechanics necessary before heading for their fields
of service.

The missionary aviation training program takes eight to nine
months to complete, but Sanford emphasizes that
it takes eight to ten years to launch a full-trained missionary pilot
onto the field. 

A lack of pilots puts other projects in jeopardy. "We
have one country that we have been trying for about two to three years to get a
flight program back up and running there. It's very difficult; a lot
circumstances determine that. In that situation, I know of at least one
tribal location where we've had missionaries we've had to
pull out because we don't have an aviator to get them back and forth in a
safe way."  

Pray for safety and wisdom for the six pilot/mechanics as
they begin their specialized training. Pray that the families will adjust to
their new homes.


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