New opportunity opens in South Africa

By November 18, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Orphan's Heart via screenshot)

(Photo courtesy of Orphan’s Heart via screenshot)

South Africa (MNN) — Have you ever wanted to go on a unique trip and experience a “once-in-a-lifetime” moment? Well, now you can.

Orphan’s Heart sends hundreds of short-term missions teams all across the world. Next year, for the very first time, South Africa’s on the list.

“It’s a new partnership where we’re sending teams to help with after-school kids’ clubs,” Alison Wilson of Orphan’s Heart explains.

“Orphan’s Heart is coming alongside them to provide for the feeding program that serves 1,100 children a day.”

Meeting physical needs isn’t the only thing Orphan’s Heart has in mind. “In addition to this nutrition that is being provided, which is very important, it’s also a safe place for kids to spend time and to receive Christian mentorship,” says Wilson.

“[There are] Christian school educators that work with these kids every day.”

Short-term missions teams give the national staff a break by helping out with the kids’ and teens’ clubs, and distributing meals. Volunteer team members also get to help put on Bible story skits; and, they are a source of encouragement to the national staff, who devote hours every day to their work.

Maybe you’re still questioning whether short-term missions is for you, or not. To that, Wilson says, “It will change them and as well encourage those around the world.”

She adds, “I hope that people come back just with a vision to share what they’re learned and what they’ve seen, and what they’ve been exposed to… to recognize how similar we all are.”

(Photo courtesy of Orphan's Heart via screenshot)

(Photo courtesy of Orphan’s Heart via screenshot)

In 2016, Orphan’s Heart is sending two teams to South Africa. The first is scheduled for September 8 through 16, and the other trip will take place December 8 through 16.

Because applications are due a few months ahead of time, September’s “deadline” is May 8. To begin an application for a trip to South Africa, click here.

If going halfway across the world isn’t in the budget, no worries! There are other ways to get involved, like child sponsorship. Sponsoring a child through Orphan’s Heart costs less than a cup of coffee per day.

For $35 a month, you can provide for a child’s physical and spiritual needs.

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