New outreach to Europe laid on three-prong approach

By September 12, 2008

Europe (MNN) — Many are calling
Europe the new "Dark Continent." For that reason, Reach Global Europe just opened ministry in three major European cities: Berlin, Germany; Paris, France;
and Rome, Italy.

Why these areas? Reach Global's Rick Burke says many people calling themselves Christians are actually nominal
Christians. Reach Global wants to
see more believers and a thriving church in Europe. "Each of our teams
have veteran missionaries who have had successful ministries in other cities.
They've now moved into these cities to begin teams and to begin ministry, and
right now they're laying the groundwork."

It isn't easy. With a population
of less than 2% evangelical Christians, ReachGlobal Europe is constantly
having to discover creative ways to reach the post-modern European culture with
the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Burke says they really need young
people to get involved because of the type of work that's being developed. It's an opportunity to forge new
relationships in church planting. "For
example, in Berlin, one of the things that we are actually moving towards is
developing some 'cafe culture/music' kinds of locations, so young people would
be a great connection there. In Paris, the couple working there has
already connected with several university ministries."

The ministries are hoping to
build quickly. ReachGlobal has teams in
30 cities throughout Europe and hopes to build that to 50 in the next decade. Statistics
show that there are 800 million Europeans with only 2% evangelical believers. This means that in order for believers to a be
light on the "Dark Continent," it will take more than six lights.

Reach Global needs
the support of U.S. local churches to partner with these cities. They're hoping for short-term teams, new missionaries,
and the financial and prayer support needed by a new ministry like such as theirs. Click here for details.

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